Prepping for a webinar production 

How to plan for the event, while staying on top of all the little things. It takes a lot of work, in both pre and mid-production, to keep things running smoothly throughout a webinar. 

Here at eboov, we help users host the webinars of their dreams, with the help of Premium DRM Video Hosting capabilities, and In-Video Conversions™. Using our service, you can be assured it will turn out ok (great, even). 

But there is some prep work to be done before jumping straight in. Read along to get a good idea of what you should have prepared. 

Script plans and practice

Practice, practice, practice! Did I mention practice? 

  • TIP: Allow yourself 3-6 weeks to get all the details ironed out. (This goes for live OR pre-recorded webinars.) 

As you figure things out, familiarize yourself with your goals and keep your audience in mind. Remember your target audience, their goals, and wants; so you can better prepare to meet those needs. 

And, if you have other experts joining you, dedicate time to prepare your speakers. Listen, take time to rehearse things, and give feedback so that they are best prepared for the stage. 

Speaker and presenter coaching can help tremendously. 

  • DO: Stick to a set schedule, so you deliver all content in 30-60 minutes (it’s best for keeping and retaining audience attention.) 

Familiarize yourself with your webinar hosting tool 

Before starting, you want to make sure you have all the tech pieces necessary to record your video. And, test to be sure they’re all working. 

Pro Tip: You want to make sure that you (or a member of your team) are well versed in the hosting tech, to handle any and all issues that may arise. 

Throughout the webinar, you should be checking your tech, and making sure everything is a-ok along the way. 

Contingency planning 

Contingency planning is the backup plan that will save you, if anything goes awry. It’s important to have this plan in place, so nothing falls apart at the slightest mishap. 

This is especially important for live events (where the stakes are even higher). 

  • Substitute speakers prepared for if a speaker drops out, due to illness, etc. are always a good idea. 
  • For tech difficulties, it’s good to have a hold slide prepared. This way it won’t disrupt the presentation quite as bad. 
  • Ensure all the back-end systems are set up, and ready to save the video from failure. This is, including email automations that may happen on a separate platform from your video hosting. 

Here at eboov, we help you build out a plan for success (and a contingency to go with it). But we are beyond confident that with the help of our software, you’ll be able to have the seamless webinar experience you need.