The traditional lead to sales process is fractured, at best.

Despite what conventional wisdom says about funnels, pipelines, and lead generation, most of the tactics shared work a small fraction of the time for most entrepreneurs.

Sure, nothing is perfect. However, your business deserves optimized systems to help you run a profitable business.

The unfortunate truth: the typical sales funnel is not optimized to convert as much as you can from the leads you generate. The videos you use on your sales funnel are also prone to theft on the hosting platforms that house them. It’s not a good place to be.


Here’s a true story

Some 2 years ago, my student downloaded my courses with a video software he found on the internet. All he had to do was push a button on an illegal software. All that intellectual property was stolen:

–  Without my knowledge or consent
–  With zero profit making its way back to me

I was robbed, straight up. I reached out to my hosting provider for help and as it turns out, the best they could say was essentially, “sorry that happened.”

It turned out there was no protection whatsoever for my intellectual property. Despite much back and forth, all I heard were responses that translated to “There’s absolutely nothing we can do about it.”

It instantly occurred to me that countless businesses, entrepreneurs, course creators, and almost anyone who runs an online business have been in my position at one time or another.

It’s hard enough to run a business. Having to deal with this too just was not acceptable. Nothing about my situation felt good. But I knew I had to do something about it.

Turning lemons into lemonade is still a thing right?

So I set out to find a solution. This is how eboov was born. It is a revolutionary software that can: 

  • Transform your three-step sales funnel into a single video sales funnel with in-video conversion technology that optimizes your conversion rates while minimizing ad spend.
  • Host your videos in a premium Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected hosting platform. This means that you can blow a kiss  goodbye to your fear of your videos being stolen.

eboov is an acronym for who we serve, and how:
Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Online Video

eboov enables you to run a simple, safe, and profitable business:

  • Free from all the complexities of a sales funnel.
  • Unbothered about the safety of your videos.
  • Focusing on what truly matters: Your customers and how you can satisfy them.

I want to invite you to go on this journey with us, and let us go with you. Start by watching this video.