Origin Story

Vince Reed is a lead generation expert who has been full time online since 2008. He has founded multiple 7-figure businesses during this time and trained thousands of online marketers.

Back in 2020 Vince was shaken to the core when one of his students used FREE software to illegally download and resell his premium paid content as his own. After reaching out to his current video hosting company to see if content could be better protected only to get an email saying they could not do it.  Vince sought out to find a solution.  As big of a problem stolen content and piracy is Vince new there had to be more than just content protection to start a company.

After working with countless clients Vince realized that many businesses were struggling with all of the steps to growing a business:  Ad, landing pages, webinar, pages, VSL pages, offer pages and more. He thought what if he could protect content and turn the video into the optin page, sales page and offer page all in one?

Thus eboov was born! For a complete demo click here!