How To Webinar brainstorming, planning, and executing your webinar

Before you start brainstorming and crafting potential webinar content, you need to determine your goals. 

Ask yourself these questions: 

  • What am I trying to accomplish?
  • What content is my target audience looking for?
  • Are there specific metrics for success? 

Once you have these answers, you can start looking at how to leverage your content.  

You need to identify your target audience. 

Figure out your “target persona,” or ICA, and pull reports to get a visual on who exactly your content needs to resonate with.

For eboov, our ICA looks like you. We serve business owners, course creators, entrepreneurs, and really anyone looking to host ad-free videos that are protected.

We know (from market research) ideal clients are already using tools like Vimeo & Wistia to host their videos, but should be using eboov because their intellectual property is not being properly protected. 

In starting this quest, it may be important to research and attend other webinars! You can learn so much from competitors, and other webinars, with industry experts in your space that will give you that spark of inspiration. And perhaps, help you develop your ICA. 

Pro-tip: Plan it out. 

You want to have a title, style and format picked out beforehand. 

The same can be said for the content, agenda, and presentation flow. 

  • Focus on design, for a while. (Take your time, the best webinars are well thought out and planned.) 
  • Then move on to the bulk of it. Start writing out verbal scripts or content that you want to include. 
  • Have an agenda in mind (what you want to accomplish, and what is reasonable for the project). 
  • Plan the flow of the presentation accordingly. Highlight the most crucial information, and cut out the extra stuff. 

In the planning stage; do brainstorm relevant topics, content, keywords, and interests based on your ICA and what they’re looking for in a service/product. 

This way, you’ll have a better understanding of your intended audience— their goals, needs, and wants. 

Use multimedia to tell a story 

Come on, get those creative juices flowing! 

Make pre-roll video and music and interstitials, add in recordings, gifs, and graphs to get your point across. You may want to include visuals and auditory sound (aside from voice) to grab the viewer’s attention and keep it. 

Another pro-tip: Try to avoid using too many text-heavy slides. This will help combat information overload. No one wants to squint to read tiny overflowing text on a screen— always prioritize using your voice to expand on content. 

Also, be sure to track your success. Pay attention to what’s working, and what isn’t, using eboov’s analytic data. Take advantage of the tools and get ahead. 

Any more Qs? Like, how long should a webinar be? 

We’ve found that webinars have a sweet spot between 30 minutes to an hour. Shorter than 30 minutes might make participants feel like it isn’t worth their time, and longer is simply too much of an ask. Too long, your audience may not have the amount of attention to truly absorb all of your information. 

Once again, always have your ICA in mind, when making these important decisions. We’re excited to help with any, and all questions about webinars. Our platform provides clients with the tools they need to jumpstart their webinar projects, and open the floodgates to opportunity.