Perfecting Your Pitch With eboov One-Video Funnel

A business pitch, or elevator speech, is not JUST for meeting new prospects in person. Having a strong pitch is also super relevant when you’re creating any type of video for your business – and especially when you’re creating a one-video funnel with eboov.

How To Pitch With eboov

For your sales video to be effective, you’ll want to be prepared to pitch at two strategic points in any video. With eboov, you have the opportunity to make 3 pitches with call to actions. We’ll show you how to do that in this blog. But first things first. 

Just like with any marketing content, you should always start your sales video with a hook. You must know already that your hook should always be the first thing you lead with. You want to ensure people are excited to continue watching your content. 

Pitch #1

After your hook, you deliver your first pitch, sometimes called an “elevator pitch.”  This should be an introduction to you and your business. Who you are, what you do, what your leads can get out of doing business with you. Short, simple and straight to the point. You are not quite selling a product or service at this point, more like your company or your brand.

Pitch #2

Immediately before you deliver the goodness that your hook promised, it’s time to deliver your second pitch. This will be your lead generation pitch. The execution of your second pitch should be flawless. You have an irresistible offer (which you teased them with as your hook) and at this point you deliver a clear call-to-action to enter their best contact information to hear what you have to say.. 

After you record and upload the video to eboov, you’ll conveniently insert a call to action form at this point in your video. If your viewers don’t input their contact information, they can’t see what you promised in your hook – but, at this point they are invested and few people are going to abandon now. This is why eboov works as well as it does!

Pitch #3

You’ve introduced yourself, added a new lead to your list, and delivered value. It’s now time to sell your product or service with a 3rd and final pitch. This is a pitch where you:

  • Introduce your product or service
  • Outline how it helps your prospect
  • Address any objections they may have

Your third pitch is the pitch you will use to close the video. For this, you will integrate your offer/product so that the checkout button pops at the end and viewers are able to quickly and easily purchase from within the video.  That’s how you perfect your pitch with eboov.

Why eboov Is Great For Pitches

When it comes to making sales, how much sales you make all comes down to how many offers you can make on a minute by minute basis. Put a different way, the more offers you make, the more sales you can make. It’s that simple. Creating 3 pitches in a single video with eboov in-video conversions™ raises your chances of making ridiculous amounts of sales from a single video.

Also, your traditional sales funnel has a lot of walls before people actually see your offer. But with eboov in-video conversions™, the buying experience has never been so simple and seamless. So not only are you making more offers, more people are seeing it. Actually, everyone who sees your video, sees your offer. 

 WATCH THE DEMO to get a first hand experience of eboov at work.