How To Create Shoppable Videos On eboov

Shoppable videos are quickly becoming a key part of the buying process and eboov is revolutionizing what shoppable video means. Some believe it’s the future of video marketing.  Let’s find out why.

What Are Shoppable Videos?

If you’ve ever watched a video while shopping online, you probably have seen pop-ups in some videos prompting you to take a specific action.  That prompt often goes along the lines of “Purchase this product now.”  If a video features a product and allows people to purchase a prompt directly from the video, it’s a shoppable video. 

Shoppable videos are interactive. Besides using it as a tool to drive sales, businesses also use shoppable videos as a tool for lead generation. These kinds of videos are becoming popular among marketers. One can only assume that there’s a reason for that. 

How Are Shoppable Videos Useful? 

Here are two main areas where shoppable videos are beneficial for marketers and business owners.

Optimal User Experience

Shoppable videos make the buying process very seamless. It’s great when a customer can watch a few seconds or minutes of your product video and add the product to their cart with just a click of a button right from the video. People love ease, and it doesn’t get much easier than that, thanks to shoppable videos.

Better Numbers

Interactive shoppable videos see ten times higher click-through rates and 30% more conversion than other types of videos. For marketers, these numbers mean more leads and instant sales. So it makes sense that more marketers are using shoppable videos to sell their products.

Where eboov Comes In

The whole reason for creating eboov is to simplify your traditional sales funnel. So, with eboov, you can integrate your opt-in page and order page into your one-video funnel. With eboov, you can generate leads and make sales directly from a video. Basically, with eboov, makes it super simple to create shoppable videos. 

How You Can Use eboov to Create a Shoppable Video

eboov is powered by our trademarked in-video conversion technology.  With this technology, you can:

  • Add a  pop-up lead-generation form in your videos to display whenever you want.
  • Add a pop-up order form again, whenever you want. 

You can do this on eboov just by clicking a few buttons on the software. 

This means that you can turn one video into a complete funnel experience where a single user can

  • Watch your video
  • Opt-in to your email list, and
  • Complete a purchase.

All of these happen while your customer is watching ONE of your videos. The order form is hosted INSIDE your video, so the user never has to click away or open another window.

It means a more straightforward, faster, and more effective sales funnel. For your customers, it means a seamless buying experience. We’ve made a demo video that takes you through the exact process you’ve just read.