What is Digital Rights Management & Why is it Important?

We live in the age of video content and one thing is certain, it’s not going anywhere. 

A Hubspot survey confirmed the amount of video content people are watching has doubled since 2018. As customers continue to devour video content, brands are competing to position themselves by offering quality videos that create conversions. 

Ninety four percent of marketers affirm using video content has positively impacted their users’ understanding of a product or service. 

So, if you’re using video content in your business, you’re on the right track. 

But, how are you keeping your content safe? 

In case you didn’t know, stealing a video online is easier than you think. There are hundreds of free softwares available where hackers can simply copy and paste a URL to get an instant download. 

Our founder, Vince, was a victim of intellectual theft last year! Someone signed up for his course, downloaded all of the content, and then started reselling it at a lower price point. Awful, right? 

What is Digital Rights Management? 

Traditional copyright laws are not enough to cover the digitalization of content and you should be aware before publishing anything online. 

In the past, copyright laws were enough to protect creators and their work. Well, those times have changed with the use of social media and blogging platforms.  

Digital rights management (DRM) is simply copyright protection for digital content. It’s a way of preventing the distribution of original media in a “new” format.  

According to TechTerms, “Whatever method publishers choose to employ, DRM helps them make sure that their digital content is only used by those who have paid for it.”  

Who should ensure their content is DRM protected?

It’s simple, if you’re creating content and posting it online then you have to be one step ahead of hackers. 

You need DRM if you: 

  • Sell courses online
  • Run ads to get leads
  • Create and post original videos
  • Offer webinars to sell a product or service
  • Don’t have an offering but want to protect your content 


Take inventory of the time, energy, and resources you are using to promote your business.

Every single piece of information you put on the web is valuable, and there’s no space for a fake copy of your expertise. 

DRM is not only about protecting your video content, but ensuring you are the sole owner of your brand, product, and messaging.

The use of DRM protects your name, influence, and positioning. All three of them have an effect on your business goals and profit.  

Why protect your content with eboov? 

After trying to find a way to protect my content, I decided there had to be a better way to securely share videos online. That’s where eboov comes in!  

Eboov is a SaaS company that offers premium video hosting services for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to host ad free videos that are DRM protected.

When you use eboov you’re protecting content, and the video turns into the optin page, offer page, and sales page all at once. 

You get to concentrate on getting more leads and closing sales instead of worrying about who’s trying to steal your videos.

Our team has developed a unique platform that allows you to post and share using the highest security standards; the same protocols used by Netflix, Disney+, and the rest of your favorite video platforms. 

Eboov allows you to protect videos by configuring them to play on a specific domain. That means you are always in control of where your content is being used and shared. 

Also, our forms extend from the video, are customizable, easy to see on a phone or desktop and integrate with most major CRM or payment gateway companies. 

Since we’re talking about video, let’s jump exactly to that! 

Take a look at everything Eboov has to offer here

Watch our demo and find out how eboov can protect your videos while generating more leads and faster sales.