Generate More Leads & Grow Your Email List without an Opt-In Page

Small business owners and entrepreneurs are no stranger to the fact that they need a social media presence, but some are a little more hesitant to get into email marketing. 

They often wonder if it is worth their time or financial investment. 

But even if you have hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, you should still be focusing on building an email list of subscribers! 

Platforms like Facebook and TikTok heavily control who sees what on their social media feeds, and they technically own your following. 

If any of these platforms were to disappear one day, so too would all of those thousands of followers you amassed. Through email marketing, you cut out that middleman and have direct access and control of your following. 

Many businesses go the traditional route of gathering leads for their mailing list by sending them to an opt-in page before providing the content they are looking for.

But did you know that video marketing can also be harnessed as an intensely powerful lead generation strategy? 

Yep, that’s right, if you have been scratching your head wondering how to keep that sales funnel of yours full, or even if you’re just getting started — it’s time to try video marketing on for size!

Video Marketing as a Lead Generation Strategy

Video marketing is key in generating leads as it gives your audience digestible, easy-to-absorb information that speaks directly to their pain points.

It’s a quick, easy way to show them they need you and your service or product in their life.

According to Wyzowl,  84% of people say they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

Additionally, 93% of marketers say they’ve landed a new customer thanks to a video on social media.

So, whether you’re creating video testimonials, explainer videos, product demos, or tutorials — video marketing is pretty much guaranteed to help you generate more leads and increase your sales. 

Now, the typical process to convert engaged viewers into actual, qualified leads requires sending them through an opt-in page before they are able to start your video.

But what if you could cut out that middle man?

Opt-In Pages Are Not The Only Way to Keep Your Sales Funnel Full

Eboov allows you to turn your video content into a sales funnel. 

Say what now?! 

That’s right! While you may be familiar with other video hosting platforms like Vimeo or have some experience with Opt-in services like ClickFunnels or OptinMonsters, Eboov eliminates the need for an opt-in page. 

Why would you want to do this? 

It speeds up the lead generation and sales process, which ultimately results in increased ROI by allowing you to build custom, mobile-friendly lead forms that allow viewers to subscribe without ever leaving the video or page. 

In a matter of minutes, you can upload a video and instantly turn it into a lead magnet or sales page.

You can also rest easy knowing that the digital rights of your video content are protected because you will be using the same type of software that platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ use to protect their content.

What Is Digital Rights Management (DRM) & Why Does It Matter?

Unfortunately, in the digital world, hackers have an innate ability to rip off intellectual property easier than you might think. 

It is far too common for hardworking course creators, online business owners, and entrepreneurs to fall victim to intellectual property theft, regardless of how “small” they think they might be. 

Our founder, Vince, actually had it happen to him last year! Someone signed up for his course, downloaded all of the content, and then started reselling it at a lower price point. Awful, right? 

This is why we decided to go a step above the rest and offer invite-only, DRM-protected video hosting software to business owners, course creators, and entrepreneurs. 

So you can make the most of every minute and every dollar you invest into your marketing strategy and know that you are protected every step of the way.

Try It Today

The Eboov software is designed to speed up the lead generation and sales process, resulting in increased ROI. Our forms extend from the video, are customizable, easy to see on a phone or desktop, and integrate with most major CRM or payment gateway companies. 

Curious? Check out the software demo to see how Eboov can help you generate more leads and faster sales with in-video conversions.