Harness the 5 eboov Superpowers to get More Leads & Faster Sales

Here’s the fact: The standard sales funnel is broken. Like, broke, broke. 

Not only are they outdated, expensive, long, and a bit confusing, they’re money pits. 

Who wants to lose $8 of every $10 you put into marketing? 

But that’s exactly what happens when you  follow the standard opt-in → nurture event → “(hopefully) a sale” process. 

Approximately 80% of potential customers who hit the brick wall of an opt-in page turn around before they even have a chance to spot a glimpse of a sales page. 

Plus, in order to direct traffic to that first step of the sales funnel (the lead magnet), you have to funnel a ton of time and energy into paid advertising or even MORE energy into posting tons on social media. 

The real kicker of the whole process is that you generally only see a 20% conversion rate on lead clicks, and maybe 3% of that 20% actually becomes a paying customer. It’s enough to drive any business owner or entrepreneur batty. 

It’s like you’re putting in 100% of your effort but paying an 80% tax on every single website visitor. But what if there was another way? 

Now there is. Learn how to eliminate the need for an opt-in page, create in-video conversions, get more leads & faster sales with the 5 superpowers of eboov. 

Superpower #1: Create In-Video Conversions 

With eboov’s easy-to-navigate platform, you can easily upload, modify and edit your video settings. You can make it autoplay, add or remove a logo or hide controls. You can add any text you want to appear on your video, add your URL and link to any preferred domains. 

But, the real magic in eboov’s first superpower is the ability to add campaigns and capture leads from within your video

It’s a simple step-by-step process where you select the time you want your opt-in form (not page!) to appear within the video. It can be 5 seconds in, 10 seconds in, whatever feels most aligned for you. So, instead of sending potential leads to an opt-in page before they watch your video, they get the goods up front and send you their contact info in order to continue! 

Superpower #2: Form Creation

Now, you might be wondering — don’t I need a whole other platform to create an opt-in form? Not anymore! 

The entire premise behind eboov is to ensure that it is user friendly so business owners and entrepreneurs can easily get more leads, and faster sales. Part of that is being able to easily create opt-in forms without ever leaving the platform. 

You get to choose between a “lead pop-up” and a “sales pop-up,” which allow you to both generate leads from within a video as well as integrate with your preferred payment gateways in order to sell products directly from your video content. 

The best part? You don’t need to be a tech wizard to make this happen! The entire platform includes drag-and-drop elements (headlines, sub-heads, lead form elements, etc). And, if design is not your zone of genius, you have a whole host of templates to choose from. 

Superpower #3: Integrations

As modern day digital entrepreneurs, we know how much any business model depends on the preferred softwares and systems that have been selected to keep the wheels turning efficiently. 

Whether it is a CRM, autoresponder, or payment gateway, they only work as well as they can integrate with one another. So, it is simple and straightforward to connect your eboov lead or sales form with your preferred CRM or merchant account gateway. 

Superpower #4: Conversion Tracking 

Since eboov is all about helping you get more leads and faster sales, we made sure that it was easy to track your conversions, and that you had detailed analytics to work from and craft your marketing strategy accordingly. 

The user-friendly dashboard provides a birds-eye view of all of your videos, campaigns, video impressions, average watch time, total watch time, total traffic, leads, and sales. 

If you’re interested in seeing more detailed analytics, you can easily access more time-specific data, check your data based on specific domains, break down and check out video data, or focus solely on campaign data. 

You can also integrate conversion pixels from whatever platform you want to track on. Whether it’s your Google ID, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, Instagram or TikTok, eboov links to all of them so you are able to track them with ease. 

The best aspect of this feature is that all pixels fire upon submission without the user ever having to leave the page! 

Superpower #5: Digital Right Management (DRM) Protection Video Safeguard

DRM protection is at the heart of all that eboov stands for. After our founder, Vince, experienced intellectual property theft – he knew there needed to be a way to protect fellow business owners like himself from experiencing the same thing. 

The FBI defines intellectual property theft as “robbing people or companies of their ideas, inventions, and creative expressions—known as “intellectual property”—which can include everything from trade secrets and proprietary products and parts to movies, music, and software.”

They also state that as digital technologies and internet file sharing networks grow in leaps and bounds, so too does the threat of intellectual property theft. 

So, for example, if you are a digital course creator using a platform like Vimeo to host your videos, a hacker can dive right into your private membership area, click on the source code, scroll down and find your URL of the video source that you’re using. 

All it takes is access to some relatively cheap (or even free) illegal software, and just like that all of your hard work is in someone else’s hands. The list of free digital theft tools is literally endless. 

But, now there is a way to protect your videos in the same way platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ and Amazon Prime protect theirs: with digital rights management. Every video uploaded with eboov is DRM protected. 

This means that every video to upload to eboov is 99.9% protected from pirating. You can even lock down your domain for increased security, which means that your video will only play on the domains which you select. 

Eager to See How it Works? 

Eboov is a state-of-the-art SaaS designed specifically for entrepreneurs just like you. Watch this quick demo to see it in action!