7 steps to promote your webinar


In a few short steps, master how to effectively promote your webinar and reach your intended audience. 

  • Targeting the right audience 

Before you sell anything, you need to have an understanding of how you’d like to market yourself/your business in accordance with your audience’s wants and needs. This is crucial to any marketing plan, and webinar (as we’re talking about today). 

Using data from research of other similar brands, you can create your target persona. This is your ideal customer; it will help you map out the right content that speaks to your audience. 

Having this mapped out, will save you the time and effort of advistering to potential buyers that are unlikely to purchase your product. 

  • Find your niche 

To help identify your niche (if you’re starting from scratch), build a webinar landing page that screams, you. A highly branded, designated website page that includes your webinar title, topic, and speaker profiles with corresponding photos. 

You should include hints on the webinar agenda… build the suspense. 

Or, using the best course of action, you can join eboov — that way you won’t need a landing page, your video can do all the lead-generating itself. 

  • Promote your webinar 

Try not to become overwhelmed in trying to promote your webinar via one too many outlets. Instead focus your energy on dedicated email, social media, and video marketing campaigns to help amplify your webinar and reach your target audience. 

  • DO: Ensure you have 2-4 weeks pre-event dedicated to promoting your webinar. 
  • Send a registration confirmation email

It is helpful to have auto-generated emails built into the registration flow, so that; immediately after opting in, the user receives an email. It should include a link on where to view your webinar, and maybe more info on the brand. 

If it’s a live event, be sure to include a calendar link so they can add it to their calendars, making them more likely to attend. 

Even if they are redirected to the webinar immediately after registering, you still want to email them the info — just in case! 

  • Automate day-of reminders 

For live events, be sure to send a reminder the day of the webinar! This way, audience members can quickly join. 

And, because you’ve been so diligent in promoting for 2-4 weeks, this will help to get more people to show up live. 

  • Don’t forget the post

Never forget about the webinar follow-ups!  They can be sent out, anytime within the first 24 hours after an event. 

Pro tip: Use the follow-up to thank those who attended live, and offer the replay link or provide more info they may have missed. Hit the major topics you covered, and share the offer you made on the webinar. 

  • Invest in an on-demand webinar page 

This is where we come in! eboov is the perfect platform to help guide you through your webinar hosting journey, and ensure you get it right (the first try). 

If you hosted a live webinar, you should edit the recording as needed and host the video on a gated page so that you can run ongoing promotions to the now-evergreen webinar!