Webinars 101: Everything you need to know going into webinar creation with eboov

Webinars have been crucial in the past few years; because they’re a medium by which you can connect an audience and share information in an instant.

According to Ana.net (Driving Growth), webinars are a powerful tool to help marketers increase brand awareness, establish their brand as a “thought leader” — drive sales and/or subscriptions, educate consumers, as well as provide an opportunity for content to be repurposed. And over the last few decades, we’ve seen strategies centered around webinars grow in popularity. 

Digital marketers of today know, using webinars and IVC campaigns can drive sales far beyond what can be accomplished in a traditional 3-step sales funnel.* That’s exactly why they’re incredibly popular and effective. So let’s dive into what makes a webinar a webinar. 

What exactly is a webinar? 


  • a seminar conducted over the internet.

It’s a seminar?  Sorta. A seminar is essentially a conference/meeting for discussion or training — which describes what your webinar could entail. However, there are many obstacles to overcome in order to put together a seminar — coordinating travel, booking a location, hosting guest speakers, and that’s not even covering all the new COVID regulations. 

But a webinar is an online event, pre-recorded or streamed live, that covers a specific topic relevant to an audience. And this audience can attend from anywhere in the world where they have access to the internet. There’s no headache about how to get to the seminar, pay for a trip, or logistic planning — much less friction in the process of gaining attendees.  

Typically they require a user to opt-in, providing their email address, (or other information) in order to consume the content. That’s it. It becomes significantly more accessible to a much larger audience. 

The best webinars will… 

Draw a crowd and keep viewers captivated. Drawing a crowd will come from marketing strategies involving ads, and other techniques. The part a webinar creator needs to focus on is actually creating the webinar — filling it with the information their audience wants. 

Usually, highly-successful webinars go over educational content using: 

  • Demos, implementing a “show” not just tell technique 
  • Leadership displays, leading the audience by example
  • Promotional product plug, explaining how certain products can aid in their efforts

Of course, there are many different aspects you can integrate into a webinar other than the list above. Depending on what you’re focused on promoting some forms of educational content will feel more relatable to your audience than others. 

Overall there are a few aspects a webinar must have in order to have the desired successful impact. 

Successful webinars will offer: 

  • Valuable content/information (and or learning moments). 
  • Personality and brand character. 
  • High production quality (what we do best at eboov.) 

Video content is everywhere we look from our televisions, the internet, and even to the gas station pump. Have you ever tried playing an older video on a newer device? It’s incredibly low resolution and the video becomes hard and harder to watch. 

This is a natural effect of technological improvements. So the old techniques used to record or film webinars are outdated.