Storytelling: The key to social media advertising success.

Ever notice how a good story can compel you much more than just information?

Humans are built for stories. It is the oldest form of communication, connection, and expression of shared beliefs. Long before the written word, information was passed down through oral stories.

Today, the most powerful medium of storytelling is video, and the most common place for viewing video is on social media.

This is why social media video advertising that centers on storytelling is so effective.

Storytelling is Essential in Video Advertising

There are many benefits to storytelling in your video advertising:

  • Storytelling captures your viewers’ attention – and holds it.
  • People will remember a good story, which is how brand loyalty is built.
  • Stories are what connect you (and your product) with viewers.
  • It also connects your viewers, building ongoing engagement and referrals for your business

Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign is a great example of storytelling in video advertising. It features the ways that friends (and pets) connect while enjoying the beverage, from swimming to playing sports to dancing. They are seen laughing, embracing, and sharing (personalized Coca-Cola bottles) with each other.

You might be wondering how to apply this in your marketing.

How to Use Storytelling in Your Social Media Video Advertising

There are key elements to a good story:

  • A clear plot.
  • Relatable characters and setting.
  • A strong emotional arc. 

To enhance the stories in your social media video ads:

  • Use music that fits the story and supports your brand (ever notice the difference that music makes in movies?).
  • Use visuals that support your brand message.
  • Other elements to engage your audience might include:
    • Humor.
    • A conflict that gets resolved.
    • Movements or effects.
    • Mystery.

Social media is built for interaction, which is a great opportunity to create a sense of community and engage your audience with video. Encourage your audience to share their own stories and experiences.

Get creative! Just be sure that the elements in your video support your brand and product. 

Case Studies

Here are a few more examples of storytelling in successful social media video ads:

  • Airbnb’s “Don’t Go There, Live There” campaign.
  • Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign.
  • Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign.

Each of these campaigns resulted in increased brand awareness, engagement, and conversions.  Best of all, they’ve gone viral because people tend to share what moves them. Let these campaigns spark ideas for your next video marketing campaign.


As you can see, storytelling is essential to any successful video advertising campaign. It grabs attention. It keeps that attention as viewers connect with the characters, plot, and emotional arc of the story. Brand loyalty and awareness increase when your audience is invited to engage with your video.

Consider the stories you’d like to tell with your next video. Consider the stories your ideal audience will connect with. Then watch your audience, leads and buyer list grow.

Want some help? Watch this demo from eboov to see how we can support your social media video marketing, using storytelling and other key components of the most successful campaigns.